Ride Further Tour Stop #1 presented by JBL & PULS

The first stop of the Ride Further Tour went down at PULS Festival in Kaltenberg from 15th to 17th of June and couldn’t have gone any better. The weekend was filled with nothing but great BMX & MTB riding, laid back vibes and an excellent line-up of bands and DJs.



The BMX riders showed a fine selection of rad tricks and got the crowd and judges hyped. Especially Istvan Caillet (FRA) who pulled a massive and clean 720 within a more than solid run that got him first place. Konrad Szabo (HUN) made second place with tough and stylish combos, including a triple whip on the first jump like it’s nothing. JB Petyavit (FRA) came in third with a very clean run and a 360 double tail whip.

The Mountain bikers proved that they can throw down as well. Joseph Forissier (DE) earned himself the top spot with a 360 nac nac seat grab and fully extended and one handed superman seat grab. Jakob Sohler (DE) came in second because of his great style that was shown in his triple truck driver slow bar. Third place went to Jannick Volk (DE) with difficult tricks and unique 360 combos.


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