Ride Further Tour spine contest @ Streetlife Festival (Munich, GER) 2013

BMX & Skate spine contests @ the Munich Streetlife festival

Blue and white were rather the colour scheme of the serviettes at the riders BBQ last weekend than of the sky over Munich, nonetheless the 4th edition of the Ride Further Tour Contest was a great success for riders and thousands of spectators alike.

Not only the Bavarian BMX elite with Andi Wohnig, Benni Petsch, Wolfi Wildner, the GDL Crew and many more showed up but also BMX riders from Hungary, Poland, Austria, UK and France took part in the – by now almost legendary – “class reunion” to ride the new street course and spine ramp for the first time this year.

All according to the theme, one or more cases of beer got emptied over the weekend, tons of sausages went on the BBQ and there was of course the obligatory 50kgs of Bavarian potato salad.BMX-spine-exhop-streetlife-Benny Petsch-2013-invert

Besides that there was of course tons of BMX action to be seen, e.g. Andi Wohnig’s manual combo with barspins in both directions and 360 no hander out of the bank on the street course or JB Peytavit´s signature bikeflip in the spine. Benni Petsch impressed with his super technical riding style, tons of footjam combos and a tailwhip to nosepick tailwhip. Andi Wohnig, rather known for his smooth riding, also entered the spine contest and threw out some high 360 no handers and truckdrivers in the spine.


The Skate Contest saw locals such as Conny Mirbach, Jonas Rosenbauer and Tobi Albertross but many riders from all over Bavaria took part to try out the new street course and spine ramp for the first time this year.

Conny Mirbach who secured the first place at the skate spine contest with a bs smithgrind on the picnic table, followed by Tom Cat’s super high 360 melon or christ air and Jonas Rosenbauer’s nosegrind at the picnic table and a fs180 to manual. The first place at the spine contest went to Jonas Rosenbauer with e.g. a bs bigspin disaster, Tobi Albertross came second, Wolfgang Kreutzer third,  who all showed off huge shiffties, axlestall 360 early grab, pivot to fakie and impressive transfers.
All in all an awesome weekend with great BMX & Skate action!


Skate Street
  1. Conny Mirbach
  2. Tom Cat
  3. Jonas Rosenbauer
Skate Spine
  1. Jonas Rosenbauer
  2. Tobi Albertross
  3. Wolfgang Kreuzer


BMX Street
  1. Andi Wohnig. Germany
  2. Benjamin Petsch, Germany
  3. David Glöckner, Germany
BMX Spine
  1. JB Peytavit, France
  2. Benjamin Petsch, Germany
  3. Andi Wohnig, Germany
  4. Thomas Debatisse Beal, France

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