Ride Further Tour Cash4Tricks @ Munich Mash (GER) 2014

The Ride Further Tour Wheel Of Fortune BMX street & Skate Contest presented by FURTHER & Jever Fun took place under a beautiful blue sky at the Olympic Parc during the MUNICH MASH weekend. Even tho it felt like 40 degrees in the shade, the Wheel Of Fortune kept turning all day Saturday..



Within BMX Tyron Zimmermann secured the third place with a super tech show at the curb, Jonas Lindemair showed off a massive 360 opposite downside footjam whip over the bank-to-bank as well as a tailwhip to tailtap to barspin. The first place went to Stephan Götz who impressed everyone with suicide nohands to fakies far above the quarter, massive flatdrops and a great overall use of the park.Skate-street-exhop-munichmash-2014-1

Things really heated up on Sunday during the CASH4TRICKS BMX & Skate Session, where the park pretty much got overrun. Brad Simms and Courage Adams joined in and even Ed Zunda, Simone Baracco and AK came over for a cold beer.

Skatendes Conny Mirbach, Tobi Trautmann and Sascha Rosenauer as well as skaters from Italy, France and Spain showed of their skills with Bigspin Heelflips over the London Gap and 360 Flips from the Kicker2Kicker into the flat.

Thomas Janka came 3rd with 50-50s at the Downrail and a  Fronside Feeble, Santiano Exenberger scored with a beautiful Backside Feeble on the rail and a Underflip at the London Gap – the first one ever in this park! Tom Cat won the overall contest with  many Handplant Variations, 360 Early Grab over the Stairs and a Bombdrop of the rail of the Mini-Bank.




Skate street results:
  1. Tom Cat
  2. Santiago Exenberger
  3. Thomas Janka


BMX street results:
  1. Tyron Zimmermann
  2. Jonas Lindemair
  3. Stefan Götz

Check out the Munich Mash Homepage for more information.

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