Ride Further Tour @ Streetlife Festival (Munich, GER) 2015

The last  Ride Further Tour BMX Tour Stop in Germany 2015

Thanks for coming! The last stop of the Ride Further Tour BMX Tour Stop in Germany at the Streetlife Festival Munich had everything one could wish for! The whole local scene showed up as well as riders from Austria, Hungary and the UK and roughly 250.000 spectators. All that under a beautiful blue bavarian sky !

To celebrate the season all local BMX institutions ( Countrybikes, ShowtimeBMX, FURTHER) came together to set up the event, a first and definitely to be done again!



Michael Meisel from Kulmbach secured the first place with Barspins to double tailwhip, flip nohander and bar to tailwhip variations, followed by Simon Moratz from Munich with a heel klicker flip and superman flip. Third place went to Bobo Ujvari from Hungary with 360 triple barspins and a flip cancan.

Ricky Crompton from the UK took home the trophy for MTB.

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