MASH  Ride Further Tour BMX & Skate Contest presented by ISPO

We’re happy to announce the first Skate & BMX event of the year 2016: the MUNICH MASH EX&HOP Contest presented by ISPO MUNICH // January 24-27, 2016.

Everyone is welcome to rock the ramp from 24. – 27. January at at a Skate Best Trick & BMX Highest Air Contest and we’ve also invited some of the best local and international riders to compete on Monday (Skate) and Tuesday (BMX) so it will certainly be worth coming around.

If it’s not for a slice of the 8.500€ prize money then certainly for the live concerts and an open bar…so we’ll definitely see you there!

You wanna ride? Well, drop us a line at or here (contact sheet)


9am – 1pm   Open Session (Skate & BMX)
1pm – 3.30pm   Skate Session
3.30pm – 4.30pm   JBL Best Trick Skate
4.30pm – 5.30pm   Open Session
afterwards q-box live!

9am – 12am   BMX Session
12pm – 1pm   Open Session
1pm – 2 pm   Skate Session
2pm – 3.30pm   Skate Session (Pro)
3.30pm – 6pm   Skate Contest
afterwards Radio Haze live!

9am – 12am   Skate Session
12pm – 1pm   Open Session
1pm – 2pm   BMX Session
2pm – 3.30pm   BMX Session (Pro)
3.30pm – 6pm   BMX Contest
afterwards Sundog live!

9am – 12am   Open Session
12pm – 1pm   BMX Session
1pm – 2pm   JBL BMX Highest Air
2pm – 4.30pm   Open Session

Supported by:
JBL // GoPro // absoluteBLACK // Smart Stay Hostel Munich City // Tretlager Trails // FURTHER // Pizza Brothers

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