Ride Further Tour – ISPO, Munich (DE)

The first Ride Further Tour stop of the year took place at ISPO in Munich, Germany.

International BMX riders such as Sergio Layos (ESP), JB Peytavit (FR), Michal Kovakovic (SLO) and many more flocked to the FURTHER miniramp together with German riders like Evan Brandes, Daniel Juchatz, Jonas Lindermair and the first ever BMX Girl Jennifer Wohlrab in front of 80.000 visitors. It was 18 year Evan Brandes who took home the win with a super technical and flawless run with a 360 whip to fakie, 360 double truck to fakie and a decade to fakie, followed by Jonas Lindermair with a flair barspin and Sergio Layos with a turndown transfer over the entire miniramp.

Monday night was all about girls with a GIRLS-ONLY Skateboard Session where the ladies could enjoy the ramp while winning cash and stuff from  NIKITA, NeverPro, PRAEP as well as their own Graw Jump ramp! It were especially Alissa Fessl and Catherine Marquis who impressed the ISPO crowd with handplants and runs filled with lots of style and airtime.

The Best Trick award at the Men’s Session went to Jakob Fischer from Munich with a Blunt to Revert at the Graw Jump Ramp.

After an amazing contest, the evening ended in usual ISPO fashion with beers, burritos and an awesome party at P1 Club.


Ranking BMX Finals

1. Evan Brandes (DE)

2. Jonas Lindermair (DE)

3. Sergio Layos (ESP)

4. Michael Meisel (DE)

5. JB Peytavit (FR)

6. Istvan Caillet (FR)

7. Daniel Juchatz(DE)

8. Michal Kovačovič (SLO)

Supported by

ISPO München / NIKITA / Skateboard München e.V. / Hot Curbs & Cool Pools / Girls Shred / Irregular Magazine / Never Pro / Graw Ramps / Zeitlager/ Vapiano / Burrito Company / PRAEP / IOU Ramps / FLiXBUS / Paulaner Zwickl / Chimpanski