VIDEO: MASH  Ride Further Tour BMX Contest presented by ISPO


The first ever Ride Further Tour edition on the legendary ISPO miniramp in Munich!
4 days of absolute madness in the ramp & at the bar…

See ya at ISPO 2017 from 4th-7th February!


1. Mark Webb (UK)
2. Larry Edgar (USA)
3. Kostya Andreev (RUS)
4. Daniel Dhers (VEN)
5. Sergio Layos (ESP)
6. Michael Meisel (GER)
7. JB Peytavit (FRA)
8. Zozo Kempf (HUN)
9. Jonas Lindermair (GER)
10. Stephan Lantschner (ITA)
11. Benny Petsch (GER)
12. Stefan Götz (GER)

Highest Air: Larry Edgar (USA) with 5,5 m

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