Ride Further Tour Street contest @ Königsplatz (Munich, GER) 2014

BMX street contest:

Skate street contest:

BMX street & Skate contest on the Königsplatz in Munich (GER)

Last weekend saw the first edition of the Ride Further Tour BMX street & Skate contest in Munich, Germany. The qualifying took place in an old warehouse while the finals were held under a deep blue, Bavarian sky at one of the city’s most picturesque locations: the Königsplatz, on a specially designed, portable course which just easily changed location over night.BMX street exhop sportfestival Sergio Layos 2014

The Bavarian BMX elite with Andi Wohnig, Perry Petermüller, Stephan Götz and Wolfi Wildner as well as riders from Austria, UK, France and Spain took part in Ride Further Tour’S  first bmx street & skate contest. BMX rider Andi Wohnig secured fourth place with a super high barspin to fakie and no hand airs, Stephan Götz came third by showing off the craziest drop of the day: a suicide no hand from the 3m high quarter. What else to expect of him?! Sergio Layos impressed with massive flairs, super high wallrides and fastplants on the wall as well as 360 lookdowns over the rather special jumpbox. The well-deserved first place went to Lucas Kneubuehler from Switzerland who threw down massive clicked lookdown airs, more than manly 360s over the box and double peg to barspin on the ledge

By finishing third – and therefore placing as highest national rider at the  Ride Further Tour BMX Street Contest – Stephan Götz secured the wildcard for the national qualification of the BMX STREET RINK of the MUNICH MASH at the Olympic Parc in Munich, where he will ride with an additional 15 invited national BMX street riders for a place in the finals with the world’s best such as Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann and Denis Enarson.

All in all an amazing start of the Ride Further Tour! The next BMX Street stop will take place at the MUNICH MASH with a “Wheel of Fortune” Contest on 19th of July at the MASH FEST. The park will be open for all riders from Friday till Sunday.

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